University of Trento

  • Renato Lo Cigno, Alessandro Russo
A Study of Push/Pull Protocols for Video Streaming in P2P system

Universities of Genova and Torino

  • R. Bolla, R. Gaeta, A. Magnetto, M. Sciuto, M. Sereno
A Measurement Study to Support Modeling of a P2P File Sharing Community

Universities of Catania and Pavia

  • Lorenzo Favalli, Marco Folli, Alfio Lombardo, Diego Reforgiato, Giovanni Schembra
A Bandwidth-Aware P2P Platform for the Transmission of Multipoint Multiple Description Video Streams

University of Firenze

  • L. Chisci, F. Papi and T. Pecorella
Dynamic resource allocation for P2P video  streaming: a socially inspired approach

Universities of Catania and Trento

  • Giuseppe Incarbone, Renato Lo Cigno, Alessandro Russo, Giovanni Schembra
A New Delay-Aware Protocol for P2P Videoconference Systems: Definition and Performance Evaluation