Minutes of the meeting



University of Trento

  • Renato Lo Cigno
Peer-to-peer Streaming in Vehicular Networks: an analytical model for the highway scenario

University of Catania

  • Giuseppe Incarbone:
Audio/video communications over P2P networks: performance analysis and model implementation issues
  • Carla Panarello, Giovanni Schembra:
An Analytical model of MPEG-4 multiple description video sources for P2P multipath networks

University of Torino

  • M. Milanesio, G. Ruffo, R. Schifanella
A Totally Distrubuted Iterative Scheme for Web Service Addressing and Discovery

University of Pavia

  • Lorenzo Favalli, Matteo Lanati
Multicast for P2P systems: implementation and evaluation of ZigZag algorithm

University of Parma

  • Luca Veltri
P2P SIP: current proposals and implementation

University of Firenze

  • Leonardo Maccari
Distributed Security for P2P Networks

University of Roma II

  • Lorenzo Bracciale
OPSS: an Overlay Peer-to-peer Streaming Simulator for large-scale networks